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The killer had carried the piece of wire with him, the wire that was still buried in my neck with the ends tangled in my blonde hair. He knew my afternoon routine and I had walked into my death. Leaving the analysis of how he had murdered me, I considered who would want me dead and whether the killer was male or female. I prefer to call it quirky, perhaps a little too offbeat at times. I thought about the people in the house. My family, my agent, Laura, and our housekeeper, Shirley.

Could one of them have murdered me?

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  • They needed me. Be the first to write your review! Mead J. Morgan J. Marlo J. Couch L. Davis M. Vaughan M.

    Smith M. Davis Michell Plested and J. Murdock Mickey J. A surprisingly dark TV movie thriller that paradoxically features something of a Scooby Doo resolution.

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    This was made at a time when networks were able to attract genuine stars to their movies of the week, hence Barbara Stanwyck, who far from phones her performance in. He's also, it would seem, a feckless drunk. Enjoyable rip-off. Review by jules. Review by Gwnr. Simplesmente TUDO.

    A Taste of Evil (1971) P4

    Obviously, since it is a TV movie, it can't quite compete with some of the greater horror films released during the 70s, but thanks to a tight and fast-paced script and an absolutely stellar performance from Barbara Stanwyck, this movie is still a remarkable success in terms of its intriguing atmosphere and the shock value. It's a horror film which works without jumpscares, and that alone already makes it incredibly entertaining and thrilling.

    Blood Soaked Cinema A Taste of Evil DVD with Stephen Knight (Unrated) +Movie Reviews

    I understand this film isn't objectively a good one, but it's easily one of my guiltiest pleasures, and thanks to the chance…. A Taste of Evil. Where to watch. Now she's back