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Friends or neighbors may be able to assist. You can bring in a pet sitter; many of them offer overnight pet sitting as well as walking, feeding and litter clean up during the day. Pet hotels offer a fun alternative to kennels or veterinary boarding. Pet lovers stay in your home for free in return for giving the resident animals plenty of TLC. Check out www. Specific things to ask about: how many pets are allowed?

Is the fee per pet or are all included? Is the fee refundable at the end of the stay? Are there breed restrictions? Are there any conditions under which you might be asked to leave? Some hotels will ask you to leave if your dog barks too much. Airlines all have their own rules and restrictions for both cats and dogs, so check their websites and review the information carefully. Write down any questions you have and get them answered well in advance of flight day. Once you know what you need to do, make sure to do it. And please remember, flying is hard on animals.

This last requires training, and results are best when you work with a professional trainer. Unless your backyard has tall trees that can provide plenty of shade, build your dog a wooden dog house where he can hide from the burning UV rays during peak hours of sun. For most Americans, a pet is as much a member of the family as humans are.

Make sure their favorite place to lounge contains no toxins that can harm their health, and keep them inside to avoid the risk of loss or injury.

7 Things to Know About Picky Eaters and What to Do About It - Taste of the Wild Pet Food

Finally, adapt your yard to the seasons, making sure Fido or Kitty always have a cool spot to chill out in. Photo by The Poodle Gang on Unsplash. Written by Colleen Sedgwick on March 6, Melting snow and ice from winter mixed with heavy spring rains make this time of year a flood risk for most.

Whether its spring rains or you live in an area effected by hurricane season, you need a flood plan for you and your pet. Every time this kind of disaster strikes shelters are filled with abandoned or lost pets. Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash. Written by Colleen Sedgwick on February 27, Got A New Puppy? One of the most exciting times in life is when a new member joins the family, be it a human or a pet.

How often? Guidelines say that just weaned puppies can safely have puppy food they can access throughout the day left out because they are unlikely to overeat at a young age. Just make sure that wet food is replaced before it can go off — dry food tends to be OK.

Pups can dehydrate quickly in warm temperatures, so a clean source of water is as important as nutritious food. Alternatively, consider feeding your new pet four times a day, and switch to three times a day when they reach 4 months of age. How much? How much to feed your dog will depend on the breed and the weight they are likely to reach as an adult — females tend to be lighter than males. Overfeeding your dog can lead to dangerous complications, as can the wrong combination of food and supplements. If you can monitor their weight with a reliable set of scales, this will be enormously helpful at this stage.

Growing up fast. By the time your dog turns 6 to 12 months, you can feed them twice a day and some puppies will start to switch to adult dog food. Praising your new puppy with cuddles, petting, an enthusiastic voice or simply giving them your full attention is just as effective, if not more, than stuffing them with useless calories. Keeping those simple rules in mind should give your dog the best start in life, and help you enjoy a long and healthy bond with your beloved pet.

Written by Colleen Sedgwick on February 21, With March comes Spring and after Spring comes summer! All this good news means you and your pets will be out and about shaking off some cabin fever. Travel safety is second nature for you. You always buckle your seat belt and check your mirrors. A small, low speed collision can still send your light-weight pet from the front to the rear of your vehicle or vice versa , causing serious injury.

While it may be tempting to just let stuff pile up in your vehicle, this is a safety hazard. Try to minimize what you keep in the front cargo area of your vehicle.

Keeping a Pet Healthy on a Budget

Especially heavy or sharp objects that could be dangerous if thrown. Smaller pets do great in little pet care seats like this one. This keeps them from being tossed around and increases travel safety by keeping them from becoming a distraction for the driver. Travel crates for large pets are also great, but be sure they are properly secured. These are secured using the same seat belt hookups already installed in your vehicle and fit around your pet like a body harness.

They keep your pet secured in case of accidents or sudden braking and turns.

Written by Colleen Sedgwick on January 23, When we hear the flu season is upon us we stock up on hand sanitizer and vitamin C. Did you know that there is an equally dangerous strain of the flu that effects dogs and cats? Would you know how to detect it?

Raw Feeder to Raw Feeder: Rodney Habib, Vegetables, Canine Cancer, and Ketosis

Let us help you out with a little dog flu to get you through the rest of this trying season! Most likely your pet will be fine, and dog flu is not communicable to humans and vice versa so feel free to give them some extra love and make sure they get rest and you keep their temperature down. Spring will be here before you know it! Written by Colleen Sedgwick on December 28, With 1 in 4 people now experiencing mental health problems like anxiety and depression each and every year, pets can be a brilliant source of comfort and emotional support. About the author Sasha Quinn is a content writer for Animal Health Company , a supplier of canine and equine health, hygiene and grooming products.

She went out of her way to stay in touch and respond to communications while we were gone. She was cheerfully accommodating when we changed plans for our return date. We are completely satisfied with your service and will be using you again.

Review: Is Beneful® Bad for Dogs?

Read more reviews. All Rights Reserved. Sitemap Privacy Policy. Client Login. Learn More Apply. How much sleep does your pet need? Pet Vaccine Schedules. Bunny Rabbits — Resist the Temptation! How Pet Safe is Your Backyard?

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Picking the Right Plants Many pet owners are surprised to find out that common flowers such as azaleas, rhododendrons, many types of lily or daffodils, are toxic to cats and dogs, so much so that ingestion of just a small amount can cause symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, excessive drooling, and sometimes, even death.

Fencing Fido In Dogs have a natural digging instinct and some might try to escape to the Great Outdoors if they are bored or alone in the yard or backyard. Ticks, Fleas, Insects and Snakes! Beware of the Sun Dogs can suffer from heatstroke if let out in the sun too long. That means both knowing how to get out and where you are going. Expect evacuation to move slowly and be chaotic.

Read PDF Feeding Fido and Fluffy Too and Lots More

Watch Weather Reports — Many areas will be in a flash flood watch for several days before a flood. This usually means that the ground is already saturated and heavy rains are predicted. If you stay aware of the weather reports and know how water builds around your home, you should have a good radar about when you need to take action. This should include things like leashes, food, water, medicine, comfort items or treats, and anything else your specific pet may require.

First aid kits are always a good idea too! Good pet borders should have reasonable plans for protecting your pets in case of a natural disaster. Tag Your Pet — If you and your pet do become separated speed up your reunion by making sure they have a collar with your contact information on it. Microchips are also a great idea in case they end up in a shelter.