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What I like about your comment is that you lay out so many different aspects of office politics. And the best way to move yourself from a bad position to a good position is via office politics: Find out where the good positions are, find out who can get you there, and befriend them. No matter what, it starts with politics. The worst thing to do in a career is to approach a problem thinking you have no control over it. You can control everything becuase you choose how you work and you choose where you work.

The fine tuning of all this is the politics.

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Thanks for your response. I think that most people recognize a difference between positive politics, where people are maneuvering for ends that are broadly well-intentioned, and negative politics, where people are seeking private advantage or working from more mixed motives. I like this post quite a bit and think that you are absolutely correct that nobody can afford to ignore office politics.

Similar to Colin, I think, I have noticed that the people who complain about office politics the most are people that:. I think, in the right environment, office politics can be challenging. In the wrong environment, it can be debilitating. A better use of emotional capital would be an honest self-assessment and work toward finding a new job that is a better fit. Secondly, and more importantly, your other comments bring up the exact thing that I hate about office politics: it is a game, nothing more.

My main issue is when you have to do that kind of thing to jackass superiors for which you have little respect or that you may even downright despise. I work in a company where almost everyone sucks, except me. I was being laid off just because I do not know how to please my lady boss. Now that i have left the company and embarking on a new career soon, I am very concern the nightmares I had in my previous company will haunt on me — retrenchment.

Most of the time, I would require more time to understand the person before I open up myself. I guess this is mainly because i am an introvert by nature. Please advise how do I overcome my shyness before I was being retrenched due to poor socialising.

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Here are other things you need to get over: Your sexist attitude toward female management — you add a gender qualifier to your boss in your comment yet none is necessary unless you have a hard time with women. Your misunderstanding about what skills are important at work — at this point, the only skill you need to work on is being kind. You need to understand why you do not feel kind toward other people and what you can do to change that. I find this article to be just the opposite of what is really happening. My belief is that people continously politic not to better themselves, but to get ahead because they really do not know what they are doing in the first place so they use that to move to the next level.

Think of it this way…you can be the best at what you do, read books to better yourself and get advice outside the work place. When I think about politics in the workplace, to me, it always boils down to the fact that everyone wantsto have power, but there is only so much and so only a limited few can actually get i.

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If you are actually trying to go after a piece of their power then to them you are the enemy, even if your strategy is to use niceness to do so. Enemies have to be crushed. If you are nice, then they will likely see you as less threatening and so they will reduce their assessment of how much they will have to do to neutralize you and render you no longer a threat. When I first started working, office politics to me was pointless.

All this playing nice just to make yourself a better higher paying employee. I think when at the end of the day you ask the question — Whom am I ultimately making rich by putting all my efforts and playing nice? Your post is refreshing although i may not be able to agree to everything you said. You are definitely right about not being able to avoid politics. Some people just turn out to be inept at dealing with really annoying human beings. I have made some sincere friends though, but most colleagues are just really out to get somebody under their shoes just to get ahead.

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For those out there who are being suck-ups and playing the field, good luck to you. For those out there who think alike, go out and explore. People want to manage themselves and feel in control of their own destiny while getting direct returns on their investments!

Always take the high road. I do not want to do good at office politics. I refuse. Therefore, I will likely starve. I still refuse.

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It is stupid and beneath me. And no, selling out is not good for your soul. Compromising with a type of behavior just so that you can temporarily satiate a bunch of incompetent and unintelligent goons who you would otherwise have nothing to do with is not the way I am going to spend my life. No thank you! There has to be another way. Office is politics is not generally being interested in others. Trust me, thats not easy to do. In my company I see leadership being very responsive to females who laugh and giggle with them, to males who tell them what they want to hear while beating their chests and to others who display silly antics and tell inappropriate jokes.

I try to be professional, make intelligent decisions; but how do I deal with this brand of politics? I agree to a point. My co-workers know this. I know the important contacts in the company. The ones that I can rely on to get the job done.

I have personally found that people will go much further in life and in their careers if they prove themselves to be reliable, hard-working, capable and a person of integrity more so than if your superior finds you hanging out at a water cooler half the time shooting a breeze. Especially if there are thousands of other capable applicants knocking at the front door to get your position.

Hanging around any water-cooler these days to me is sheer suicide. You could definitely see your enthusiasm within the work you write. The sector hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to mention how they believe.

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At all times follow your heart. Office politics.. SHOULD be about being nice, creating a positive influence, promoting healthy political views and environement, engaged in healthy debate, but more often than not it is used for all the wrong reasons; to either self promote, get a personal agenda across or pass the time with idle gossip.

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  • Office politics is about the differences between people at work; differences in opinions, of interests which are often manifested as office politics. It boils down to communication and relationships. How can we help one another?