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This spontaneous connection has enabled us to mould and materialize every idea in a fast and easy way. Questa naturale sintonia ci ha permesso di trasformare e concretizzare in modo facile ed immediato ogni idea. Voi avete una grande consuetudine in questo campo.

This is, to some extent, the wonderful sense of the CFN brought to Italy by Andrea and Veronica Bocelli, which links elegance and celebrity to places where people are suffering and forgotten. You are very familiar with these things.

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How do you combine glamour and generosity? True glamour, on account of its derived lifestyle, lives side by side with generosity, so it is not necessary to do anything to bring them together. It has been and it has also continued to be the case that we take part in events and contribute to charity projects as well as projects,.

Non bisogna pertanto fare nulla per farli convivere. Most people who are fortunate enough to have a lot feel the need to do something for others while at the same time doing something for themselves, given that fact that helping someone generates a profound sense of gratification.

We have always been supportive of various non-profit organizations, such as Children for Peace and, more recently, Sextantio; we have sponsored two concerts for the poor in Vatican City, various Anlaids events, many foundations, among them NIAF in the United States, and projects in favour of young people, supporting their initiative, for example the Millennium Awards.

One principle stands as the basis for what you do: look to the future, safeguarding and calling attention to the heritage and the humaneness of our country and our people. How Our locations, exuding culture, history and beauty, multiply emotions. I remember the sense of amazement, the fascination and what almost amounted to stupor in the members of the NIAF USA board at an event that we organized inside the Horti Sallustiani: important politicians, lawyers, finance and industry tycoons all in bewilderment upon realizing that they were having dinner in a house that was more than 2, years old.

I think that we must be doubly thankful to Andrea and Veronica because of their humanitarian projects as well as because of what they have done and continue to do in terms of promoting our country.

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Le nostre location, che sprigionano cultura, storia e bellezza, sono dei moltiplicatori di emozioni. Nel , Nocera si stabilisce a Roma e collabora con la Zecca dello Stato. Inoltre nello stesso anno partecipa a una mostra al Parlamento Europeo a Strasburgo.


Nel Nel , realizza il monumento in bronzo per il 50mo anniversario della tragedia di Marcinelle in Belgio. Ateliers Ouverts - Venezia tel. Suggestions and plastic forms merge with the magic of aesthetics capable of endowing philosophical concepts with an actual visual image. His art is an all-around, degrees art that explores new territories, hovering somewhere in the midst of art, history, poetry, music, philosophy and dialectics, a creative universe rich in pathos and brand-new tidbits of food for thought, capable of breathing life into philosophical speculations that explore new pathways, impregnated with delicate beauty.

Inside Love Love Inside is about change: a natural need intrinsic to the human spirit, which incarnates sublimely in the feminine universe. Antonio Nocera, born in Caivano Naples in , showed signs of an innate artistic flair from an early age. In , Antonio settled in Rome and worked with the State Mint. In that same year, he took part in an exhibit at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. In , he produced a bronze monument for the 50th anniversary of the Marcinelle tragedy in Belgium. In he was welcomed at the Vatican by Pope Francis, to whom Nocera presented his new work on Pinocchio.

Recently, the artist has opened his Atelier Ouvert in Venice, where he works and deals with art collectors and aficionados. The hotel where since , the Spanish aristocracy stayed when visiting the center of Christianity, today has all the modern comforts and luxuries while keeping the charm of bygone ages. Furniture and design make every suite unique, every bathroom is like a personalized spa, with its hot tubs and emotional showers including waterfall, rainfall, atomization and chromotherapy.


Each suite is a world to discover, a journey of the senses to experience the magic of living at the heart of one of the worlds most beautiful squares. Last but not least there is the Lifestyle Team, our exclusive concierge-service, taking care of our customers from the time of booking, Our Team makes sure our clients find the right temperature in their suite, their favorite cushion on the bed and the beverages they prefer in the minibar.

The Lifestyle Team assists our clients in every request with an attentive and personalized service, suggesting the most beautiful itineraries, advising on the top restaurants and the best shopping in Rome. Le camere e le suite del resort sono distribuite in riservati ed esclusivi Cottage circondati e protetti da una lussureggiante vegetazione mediterranea che fa da cornice ad un panorama dominato da mare e cielo.

Le ville, ambienti di lusso per trovare la giusta privacy in un ambiente esclusivo, sono ideali per famiglie o per coppie di amici, godono di una posizione straordinaria e dispongono di piscina esterna privata. The villas, luxury environments to have all the privacy you need in an exclusive environment, are ideal for families or couples and benefit of a great location and have a private outdoor swimming pool.

And they can also choose to perfect their image using the modern gym or, more simply, relaxing in the large massage rooms. It was for this reason that south-east Sicily became Magna Grecia in power and splendour, stronger than the motherland, capable of building a city like Syracuse, for a long time the largest metropolis in the ancient world, with a population of one million. It is in this part of Sicily - which extends as far as Porto Palo on Capo Passero, in ancient times Capo Pachino, one of the three promontories, together with Capo Lilibeo e and Capo Peloro, which gave rise to the name of Trinacria - that a civilisation was established which still characterises the area today.

Places of extraordinary natural beauty and monuments that express the grandeur of human intelligence combine with the intangible heritage of truly unique sounds, songs, festivals, traditions, crafts, capacity for expression, and a degree of civilisation in daily life, which never fail to inspire great curiosity in those coming to the area for the first time. Destroyed by the terrible earthquake on 11 January , it was reborn, together with the Noto Valley, even lovelier and more magnificent than before, and in the splendour of its Baroque buildings won it the UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

In addition to the Peruvian-Nikkei menu, Chef Pesaque signature proposes an alternative with international flavors in an all day menu. Dimora accogliente, esclusiva e riservata, propone due soluzioni differenti per brevi e lunghi soggiorni: Townhouse e Suites. La prima dispone di appartamenti di lusso dotati di tutti i comfort, ideali per sentirsi a casa durante un soggiorno breve a Roma.

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I pavimenti sono stati realizzati con le originali briccole veneziane. Ogni Suite presenta caratteristiche uniche: dalla terrazza privata sul tetto alla torretta wellness con. It offer luxurious accommodation for short or long term stays: Townhouse and Suites. The Townhouse apartments are designed to the highest standards featuring a double bed and a luxury bathroom. Si tratta di un granito bianco, della lunghezza di circa 30 metri. Costa Rei is a popular destination for tourists, most of which are from Germany or Italy.

It has a church and many stores selling Sardinian arts and crafts. Night time attractions include the mini-golf course at Sant' Elmo beach, nightclubs, and open-air movie theatres. Costa Rei is located on Sardinia's southern coast, approximately 50 kilometres from the capital city of Cagliari. This stretch of coast is renowned for its crystal clear water, golden sands and long beaches.

It also has a lake system that forms a nature reserve for rare avian species. Costa Rei is bordered by the bays of Sant'Elmo to the south, and to the north by Capo Ferrato, a nature reserve where no construction is allowed. The beauty of Costa Rei's captivating landscape is in every respect the equal of Costa Smeralda's, for here coves and long sandy beaches abound, set off by rolling hills with intensely green Mediterranean vegetation and imposing granite cliffs. Situata nella costa sud-orientale della Sardegna precisamente nel Sarrabus dista dal comune di appartenenza diversi km.

La piccola chiesetta di S.

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Salvatore nascondeva un ipogeo! Un ambiente sottoterra questa volta una delle poche non di utilizzo funerario, ma culturale. Eravamo tutti sorpresi. Ho dovuto chiedere al guardiano se fossero vere Presenti anche pitture databili a diversi periodi e riconducibili sia ai culti pagani Dea tra le fiere, Proserpina dagli Inferi, Pegaso, Ercole che strozza il leone sia cristiani pesce, pavone. Che sorpresa ragazzi! Vorrei tornarci per osservare meglio le iscrizioni ora che ne conosco il significato visita libera con un "si" :! The small church of S.

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  7. Salvatore hid an hypogeum! An underground space, this time one of the few not for a funerary use, but cultural. Already in Nuragic Era! Coming down the steps in stone I couldn't believe to my eyes, there were more rooms divided in two spaces and relative corridors, which one suddently, let you in a circular space where the ceiling wasnt rectangular anymore, but tranformed in a beautiful dome; in the center there was the well. On the walls spread in various points there were also inscriptions, figures with also trace of colors.

    We were all astonished. I had to ask the guardian if they were true…"Yes" he said. Therefore original, authentic, all true! Yes he said. Present also paintings datable to various periods and recollecting to the pagan cults Goddess between the beasts, Proserpine from the Hell, the Pegasus, Hercules that chokes the lion or Christian fish, peacock. Exploring I felt myself like Indy, once again, fascinated from this far away world and its wonders and going back the stone staircase I felt like exit with a great treasure, hidden at the bottom of my heart.

    I enjoy really the surprise and now that I know the meaning free visit with one "yes" :! When we exited from it I believed that the guardian closed the door behind because was lunch time Nella sua lunga storia ebbe numerosi e forti contrasti con Segesta fino al , anno della sua distruzione avvenuta proprio ad opera dei Cartaginesi. Tutto il materiale utilizzato fu ricavato dalle vicine Cave di Cusa. Selinunte was one of the most important of the Greek colonies in Sicily, situated on the southwest coast of that island, at the mouth of the small river of the same name.

    Torre Salinas extends in front of the Salinas marsh and is dominated by the tower of the same name thatforms part of the historic coastal defense system. It has a square ground plan and is built on three floors,tapering towards the top. Torre Salinas fa parte del sistema storico di difesa costiera. E' stato costruita nel per difendere le saline di Colostrai dando l'allarme alla popolazione in caso di. The Free Beach Club No. Set on a hillside sloping down to the sea, the Hotel-Village is surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation and merges into a splendid long beach of fine white sand with crystal clear waters, just 20 meters away.

    The surrounding unspoiled landscape is characterized by beautiful coastal land, gently merging into the sea. If you want to be close to Nature, then you will find this Hotel-Village heaven. You are surrounded by greenery and have the extra magic of a beautiful beach. You seem to be using an unsupported browser. Please update to get the most out of Flickr.

    Tags punici. Related groups — punici. View all All Photos Tagged punici. Reversed stairs by Mirko Li Greci. Sardegna - Bacchisio detto Bach by Luigi Strano.